Mandatory Worker Safety Training Materials, Safety Poster, Released by Ontario MOL for Consultation

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has announced that it intends to pass a regulation that will introduce a mandatory safety awareness training program for Ontario workers.  The MOL also intends to require employers to post a Ministry-developed safety poster.

A draft of the safety poster may be viewed at  The MOL indicates that it will eventually be mandatory to display the final version of the poster in workplaces.  Feedback may be given online at 

The poster summarizes key rights and obligations of workers, as well as obligations of employers and supervisors. 

The MOL has also released at draft worker safety awareness workbook called “A Worker’s Guide in 4 Steps” (   It is a 22-page guide for workers that includes quiz questions. 

Finally, the MOL has released, in draft, “An Employer Guide to the Health and Safety Awareness Program for Workers” (  It is a 2-page guide to the employer’s role in providing safety awareness training to workers.

It appears from the MOL website that the employee workbook and employer guide will eventually be used as materials for a mandatory health and safety awareness training program for workers.  The MOL notes on its website that, “A regulation to make the programs mandatory will be required, and stakeholders will be consulted.”  As such, it appears that it will be a number of months, and possibly longer, before the mandatory training requirement becomes law.

Because it appears that the MOL will require the use of its materials, or possibly equivalent materials, in the mandatory worker training, the MOL’s draft materials will be of interest to employers.  Feedback on the employee workbook and employer guide may be provided online at


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