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Ontario MOL Releases 2015-16 Safety Inspection Blitz Schedule

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The Ontario Ministry of Labour has released its schedule of workplace inspection blitzes for the period from May 2015 to March 2016. The schedule gives employers advance notice of what MOL inspectors will look for when they visit workplaces.

The “province-wide” occupational health and safety blitz schedule is as follows (the MOL has also released a schedule for its “Provincial Initiatives” and “Regional Initiatives”, which can be found on the MOL’s website):


Sector/Business Type


Struck By Hazards  Construction May – June 2015
New and Young Workers  Industrial May – August 2015
Trenching Hazards  Construction July – August 2015
Mobile Equipment Traffic Control Measures  Mining July – August 2015
Material Handling  Industrial September 14 –
October 23, 2015
Heavy Equipment Operation  Construction October –
November 2015
Modular Training  Mining October –
November 2015
Safe Operation of Machinery  Industrial January 18 –
February 26, 2016
Occupational Disease


Mining February –
March 2016