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New Workplace Ergonomics and Electrical Safety Standards Released by CSA

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The Canadian Standards Association has released two new standards dealing with occupational health and safety matters.

“CSA Z1004 – Workplace Ergonomics: A Management and Implementation Standard” is intended to help employers implement ergonomic processes and procedures. The standard is aimed at helping employers with work system design, “as well as contributing to enhanced productivity and worker well-being”.

 “CSA Z462 – Workplace Electrical Safety – Helping Businesses Demonstrate Due Diligence in the Prevention of Electrical Injuries” provides guidance on integrating solid electrical safety programs into a company’s occupational health and safety management systems.  The CSA says that it is updated to reflect the changes contained in the 2012 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I.

Although CSA standards are not, generally speaking, “law”, they are sometimes used by Ontario Ministry of Labour inspectors in determining what are “reasonable precautions” required to comply with the general safety duty under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act