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Employer Who Voluntarily Complied with MOL Inspector’s Orders Was Not Entitled to Suspension of Orders Pending Appeal

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The Ontario Labour Relations Board has held that where an employer had complied with a Ministry of Labour inspector’s compliance orders under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, to the satisfaction of the MOL, the operation of the orders should not be suspended while the employer appeals the orders.

Employers sometimes appeal MOL inspectors’ orders after an accident, in the hopes of obtaining a decision from the OLRB that the employer did not commit any violation of the OHSA that would justify the orders.  Such a decision can be useful in avoiding charges under the OHSA.

In those cases, employers will often seek a suspension of the inspector’s orders until the appeal is decided.

The OLRB decided, however, that where the employer has already complied with an order, the suspension request is moot and should not be granted. In particular, there was no prejudice to the employer if the operation of the order was not suspended.

This decision shows that an employer wishing to obtain such a suspension cannot voluntarily comply with the orders. Instead, the employer must quickly appeal the order and apply for a suspension, before the deadline set by the MOL inspector for compliance with the order.  The employer may, however, proceed with the appeal of the (unsuspended) order.

Horizon Utilities Corporation v A, 2014 CanLII 75404 (ON LRB)