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Attack on co-worker who warned of unsafe behaviour gets employee 4 years in prison

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An employee who attacked a coworker who warned of safety issues, has been sent to prison for four years.

CBC News reported that the employee was training a coworker on the use of heavy equipment, and that after the coworker warned that the employee was standing in an unsafe place and asked him to move away from the heavy equipment, the employee punched the coworker in the head several times, knocking him to the ground.

The employee then kicked the coworker in the head repeatedly with a steel-toed boot.

The coworker sustained serious injuries during the episode.  He suffered a stroke, has impaired speech and impaired cognition, and is partially paralyzed.

This case illustrates that workplace violence is not only a workplace issue, but can also result in police investigations, criminal charges and imprisonment.

The CBC report may be accessed here.