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Asbestos Exposure did not Cause Colon Cancer: Ontario WSIAT

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A mining worker’s exposure to asbestos did not cause his colon cancer, the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal has held.

The worker worked for a “nickel producer” for approximately 38 years from 1959 to 1997, first in a mill, then in a smelter, and then in maintenance and construction.  Less than 3 years after he retired, he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

The WSIAT found that although the worker had been exposed to asbestos, the exposure was not of a “continuous and repetitive nature” or a “major component” of his work.

The WSIAT also accepted the evidence of a specialist in occupational medicine that the medical literature overwhelmingly supports the statement that colon cancer is not related to asbestos exposure, and that there was no evidence of a relationship between the worker’s exposure and his colon cancer.

2012 ONWSIAT 4:  http://www.wsiat.on.ca/Decisions/2012/2293%2006.pdf