Saskatchewan Law Proposed to Protect Late Night Retail Workers

The Saskatchewan legislature completed its first reading of a proposed new law, Bill 27, known as “Jimmy’s Law” on December 15, 2011.  This law, if passed, would amend Saskatchewan’s Occupational Health and Safety Act to require employers operating gas stations, convenience stores or other retail stores that are open and staffed by a lone worker between the late night hours of 11:00P.M. and 6:00 A.M. to provide the lone worker with additional safety supports. 

In its current form, the Bill sets out two options for employers to choose from with respect to additional safety supports: an employer must either ensure that it assigns one or more other workers to join the lone worker during the late night hours, or alterntivaely, it must ensure that the lone worker is separated from the public by a locked door or barrier.  These options are similar to those required for the protection of lone workers in other Canadian jurisdictions, including British Columbia (see post entitled “WorkSafe BC Changing Late Night Retail Rules” below, posted on December 13, 2011).

The impetus for “Jimmy’s Law” was the June 20, 2011 dealth of Jimmy Ray Wiebe of Yorkton, Saskatchewan who was murdered while working alone at night at a local gas station.

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