Racking Targeted in Ontario’s November Workplace Inspection Blitz

The Ontario Ministry of Labour’s November 2011 workplace inspection blitz will target racking and storage facilities at industrial workplaces.  Ministry of Labour inspectors will be visiting industrial workplaces in Ontario to inspect racking and employer procedures for working around racking.  Among other things, inspectors will be examining whether racking and storage systems have been properly selected and installed and that any required pre-start health and safety reviews of the systems have been conducted.  Inspectors will also be focusing on whether the systems are being maintained in a good state of repair and that any damaged components have been promptly replaced or repaired.  Further, inspectors will be checking to ensure that aisles are clear of obstructions, pallets are being maintained in good condition, lift trucks are being operated safety and workers have been provided with required training.   For more information, see the Ministry of Labour’s Alert:  http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/hs/sawo/pubs/fs_rackingstorage.php

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