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Ontario MOL consulting on new mandatory construction hazard awareness training

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The Ontario Ministry of Labour is proposing to require all construction employers to ensure that their workers complete a new “construction hazard awareness training” program.

This training program would be an add-on, for “construction” employers, to the mandatory basic health and safety training that all employers in Ontario are required to ensure that their workers receive.

Construction employers would have two ways to comply with the two training requirements: (1) ensure that their workers complete a training program approved as meeting the criteria of a training program and “provider standard” established by the MOL’s Chief Prevention Officer; or (2) complete a training program developed by the employer, in consultation with the joint health and safety committee, based on the learning outcomes to be set out in a regulation.

The MOL is seeking public feedback, including on a draft Construction Health and Safety Awareness Training Program Standard that would set out requirements that a training program must include in order to be approved by the Chief Prevention Officer.

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