Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Summer Safety Blitz for Young Workers

According to the Ministry of Labour, new and young workers are four times more likely to be injured during their first month of employment than at any other time.

As the summer season is now upon us and many young workers are poised to begin summer jobs, the Ministry of Labour has announced an enforcement blitz that will target workplaces where new and young workers are employed.  The blitz will focus on:

  • New and young workers aged 14 to 24 years
  • New workers that are 25 years and older and who are on the job for less than six months or reassigned to a new job

The blitz will focus on ensuring that young workers:

  • Are protected by required safety measures, equipment and procedures to prevent injuries
  • Are properly instructed, trained and supervised on jobs
  • Meet minimum age requirements.

Ministry of Labour inspectors will be specifically targeting workplaces that tend to employ a high proportion of young workers such as retail stores, wholesalers, restaurants, tourism and recreational facilities, vehicle sales and service centres, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, agencies that provide services for the developmentally challenged, low-rise construction projects, municipalities and workplaces involving farming operations, logging and transportation.  Inspectors will also check workplaces such as golf courses, camps, temporary agencies amusement parks, and workplaces where workers are engaged in activities such as landscaping.

For more information, see:   http://news.ontario.ca/mol/en/2012/04/safety-blitz-helps-protect-new-and-young-workers-1.html

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