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Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Fall Safety Blitzes

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Ontario employers should prepare for the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s targeted safety blitzes for the Fall of 2012, which were recently announced.

From September to December, MOL safety blitzes will focus on:

  • September and October 2012: supervision at construction sites
  • October and November 2012: machine guarding hazards and repetitive strain injuries in manufacturing and industrial workplaces
  • October and November 2012: Infection Prevention and Control in health care workplaces
  • November and December 2012: transfer of ore in underground mines

The Ministry says that during blitzes, “inspectors will check on condition and maintenance of safety equipment, worker training, the use of safety equipment and other potential health and safety hazards to help prevent workplace injuries.”

The Ministry of Labour’s press releases on the blitzes may be accessed here.