Alberta Posting Employers’ Safety Records Online

The Alberta government is now posting employers’ safety records online.  Alberta has launched an open-to-the-public website showing companies’ lost-time claims, estimated number of workers, lost-time claim rates, number of fatalities (from motor vehicle accidents, workplace incidents and occupational diseases), back to 2005.

The website also posts industry and province-wide lost time claim rates, which allow readers to compare companies’ safety performance.  Further, the website identifies whether a company has a Certificate of Recognition (which certifies that the company’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets a provincially-recognized standard).

The information currently available online is basic in nature, and does not include details of any particular incident or actual investigation reports or safety Orders. However, it is likely that the level of detail will increase in future, allowing the public to ultimately see information describing the nature and extent of any specific safety concerns or issues.

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